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Paul Toole

Paul Toole

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads

Dự đoán xổ sốYou can send the Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, Paul Toole, a message by completing the form below.

The NSW Government is investing in regional transport and road related projects across the state.  has lots of information about these projects that may help with your enquiry.

Please note the Minister receives a large volume of correspondence. Before completing the form, please refer to the links below. These may help you to address your enquiry quicker than waiting for a response from the Minister:

  • Find out more about a  or a  near you
  • Report excessive noise or other environmental issues about NSW TrainLink operations via 1300 656 999
  • If you have a suggestion or concern about Road Safety, contact the 
  • If you are concerned about road noise or wish to see if your property is eligible for noise mitigation, please refer to the  or call 131 782.

Your correspondence will be addressed as soon as possible. Please refer to our Correspondence PolicyDự đoán xổ số for more information.

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