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COVID-19 resources for people with disability

Dự đoán xổ sốLinks to information and resources for people with disability and carers about COVID-19 (coronavirus).


Disability Information Helpline

Dự đoán xổ sốYou can call the Disability Information Helpline if you need help because of COVID-19 (coronavirus). 

 1800 643 787

National Relay Service

Dự đoán xổ sốCommunicate with voice callers if you are hard of hearing, deaf, deafblind or have speech impairment.

1800 555 660

Service NSW

Call for information and support from the NSW Government during COVID-19 (coronavirus).

 13 77 88

On this page

Looking after yourself during COVID-19

Dự đoán xổ sốCOVID-19, also called coronavirus, is a virus that has made lots of people sick all around the world.  A virus is a disease that can spread easily from one person to another person who are close to each other.

To make sure you don't get sick, you should;

  • stay apart from other people
  • wash your hands
  • stay home if you are sick.

People who might have COVID-19 can;

  • have a fever
  • have a cough
  • have a sore throat
  • have a runny nose
  • find it hard to breathe
  • find it hard to smell and taste things.

If you have any of these, you should call your doctor or the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080.

COVID-19 information for people with disability

Dự đoán xổ sốIf you are a person with disability or are a carer or support person, there are video and online resources that have been developed to help you safely through COVID-19.


What is COVID-19?

How to look after yourself and stop the spread of COVID-19. How to look after your mental health during COVID-19. 


Going to the hospital

What has changed in hospitals? Why do health people wear personal protective equipment (PPE)? Find out about going to hospital during COVID-19.


Getting tested

Dự đoán xổ sốWhat is a COVID-19 test? What do you need to do when you get your test results? Where​ can you get a test?

person home covid safe

How to self-isolate

Dự đoán xổ sốSelf-isolating means you stay home and away from other people. You can't leave home unless you need to get tested for COVID-19 or it’s an emergency.


Resources for support people

If you are supporting someone with disability, there are things you can do to help them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

translated resources

Translated resources

Dự đoán xổ sốIn-language educational resources on COVID-19 for communities and health workers.

Resources in language

Easy Read

For people who use Easy Read resources

Links to information about COVID-19 in easy to read formats with pictures and words. 

You might prefer the Easy Read resources if you find it difficult to read for any reason.

Easy Read pages

For people with vision impairment

Dự đoán xổ sốResources for people with vision impairment or blindness.

  •  - Blind Citizens Australia weekly update on COVID-19
  • - information from Vision Australia about important changes and resources to help you stay safe and connected.

For people who are deaf or have hearing impairment

AUSLAN resources

Dự đoán xổ sốCOVID-19 information and services that can help people with hearing impairment. 

Australian Government Department of Health AUSLAN resources.

NSW Health AUSLAN resources

Resources for carers

If you are supporting and caring for someone with disability, there are resources to keep informed about COVD-19, the rules and tips for staying healthy.  

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